The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust is planning the first mass, sponsored,  Great Coracle Drift as part of the Ironbridge Festival of Imagination on Saturday 18th September 2021.  The annual festival is series of  events celebrating and exploring the very varied history of the Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift  will be a wonderful opportunity  to  promote the  ancient craft and skills of coracles as well as fundraising to support the coracle heritage programme in Ironbridge.  We are aiming to get as many experienced coraclers as possible to paddle the 7+ miles from Cressage to Ironbridge along the beautiful River Severn.  The  route will take us  via a slow drift around the fascinating meanders and loops of the River Severn, near Leighton, under the iconic Iron Bridge itself  before  we get out opposite the newly restored Old Coracle Shed at  Ironbridge Canoe Hire.  We will finish here with a celebratory B-B-Q.   Seven miles in a coracle will test the padding on your bottom!  Are  you up for it?  More details and entry form to follow soon but please hold the date!  Any queries please email the Ironbridge Coracle Trust on