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Coracle Run 1779

Visit the fascinating coracle stories exhibition at the new coracle shed

Colin in a Coracle

A new animated story about the coracle adventures of Colin the Dog by Cal Westbrook, animated by Sam Gough. Special thanks to Toyah Wilcox for the wonderful voice over.

Designed for children ages 6-8 years old, but a delight to people of all ages with a sense of Imagination

We have published the story of Colin as a paper back book.

Contact us via the Ironbridge Coracle Trust Facebook Page if you are interested in stocking or buying a copy or email to the address below:

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Print and Cut Out Activities

Cut Out & Colour

Model Coracle with Harry and his Pet Fox

Cut Out & Colour

Model of Winnie the Witch

Cut Out & Colour

Model of Ironbridge and the Coracle Shed

Cut Out & Colour

Make a puppet of Harry and his coracle

Cut Out & Colour

Make a puppet of Harry, his coracle and his fox!